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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On Calipari and Kentucky

Kentucky's hire of John Calipari is good for the Wildcats and good for the SEC.

How is it good for the SEC you might ask?

Well, not since Rick Pitino was at Kentucky could non-Wildcat fans work up a good hatred for the Cats. And really, even Pitino's teams weren't as unlikeable as Joe B. Hall's team of Parade All-Americans.

But now Calipari is hired and you can pretty much count on the McDonald's All-American game to be colored blue in the future. Calipari's own recruiting prowess along with Kentucky's lure should bring back some of the Joe B. Hall overloaded with talent rosters.

And if that's not enough, consider this quote from a Kentucky student to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal on why he wanted Calipari hired.

"We want the best players in the nation," Aaron Stanley, a Kentucky student told the Memphis Commercial Appeal, "because we deserve the best players."

Remember why you hated Kentucky basketball now, LSU fans?


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