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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring practice talk

Considering that spring football practices are mostly closed, you have to take what comes out of LSU with a grain of salt.

Apparently Les Miles likes what he is seeing on defense and from his new coaches. More importantly -- at least this is what LSU is telling us -- is that the players are buying into the new system.

“There’s a really strong enthusiasm there and I think the veterans are enjoying the installation and the approach,” Miles said. “The (coaching) hires have been good. You look at some guys who are prospering like Chad Jones, who is making a heck of a difference in the center of our secondary.

“There’s more emphasis on one-on-one. Patrick Peterson is ready to play at a different level. I think the secondary, being veteran, is ready to take some steps and play excellent. They will be something special.”

I agree with Miles on Peterson. I thought he played admirably as a freshman last year. And I think he can be a really good cover corner in the future.

Really, there is nowhere but up to go for the defense after all of the struggles of a year ago.

Also, fullback Stevan Ridley is done for the spring with a knee injury but is expected back for fall practice. You may recall that fullback is a position where LSU is looking for a new starter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The defensive coaching can only be better. The co-coordinators were not even good position coaches last year.

10:33 AM  

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