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Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry, I have a hard time buying the story that LSU was somehow disrespected as an eight seed in the men's NCAA Tournament.

Yes, I know it's the worst seed for an SEC regular season champion. But the SEC was down this year. And please tell me LSU's big win this season?

In fact, LSU probably could have been a much higher seed (four perhaps?) if the Tigers had ended the regular season and the SEC strong. Instead, they won one of their final four games.

Now, if LSU's players wanted to say it stinks because even if you win the first game you have to play the No. 1 seed in the second round, then I can understand it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They might have been 1-2 seeds higher if they had not been "too lax" [Spencer] and "complacent" [Thornton] against Vandy on senior night. We should be happy they were # 1 in the SEC regular season and beat KY twice in one year!!

7:12 AM  

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