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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tigers and the draft

I didn't follow the NFL Scouting Combine as closely as I normally do. Still, I saw where Demetrius Byrd ran one of the top 40-yard dash times for a wide receiver. His time of 4.42 ranked eighth among wide receivers.

I didn't see too many other players from LSU test that highly.

In fact, I'm starting to think maybe LSU's record wasn't such a fluke last season. (I realize they shouldn't have lost to Arkansas and nearly lost to Troy.)

Anyway, the highest-rated LSU player at his position is fullback Quinn Johnson, according to NFL Network's Mike Mayock. Johnson is the No. 2-rated fullback. Of course, that doesn't mean anything as far as being an early draft pick just because people don't use the fullback as much anymore.

Tyson Jackson is also a No. 2-rated player at his position -- defensive end. One mock draft has Jackson going in the first round to the Chicago Bears.

Darry Beckwith is the No. 4-rated inside linebacker and Herman Johnson is the No. 5-rated offensive guard.

Of course, this is the whole chicken-and-egg thing. Are the players rated lower because of the sub-par 2008 season? Or was the sub-par 2008 season the result of players not as good as the ones in the past?


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