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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Remember me?

I had flipped on the TV and on the satellite dish today was the Big East game of the week.

It was halftime and the announcers were discussing some of the top big men in the conference. I wasn't really paying that much attention when I heard the announcers discuss South Florida's Kentrell Gransberry.

Kentrell Gransberry?

Wasn't that the guy from Baton Rouge who signed with LSU?

Turns out it was. Gransberry is now the nation's seventh-leading rebounder with 10.8 per game. He is eighth in the Big East in scoring at 17.1 points per game.

Think John Brady could use him about now?

But really, that's the story of LSU basketball at the moment - players who were at LSU (Gransberry, Ross Neltner) and players who could have been at LSU (D.J. Augustin) and players who probably should have been at LSU (Shan Foster).


Anonymous Bull07 said...

You have basically hit the nail on the head about John Brady.

I have never seen so many players quit and transfer to other schools and then achieve greatness. Apparently Brady just does not relate well to most of his players but then he lets certain players like Glenn Davis just run the team as they please. Tyrus Thomas was not a starter until late in the year. I think the only good thing out there is Butch Pierre's recruiting, but then Brady runs them off.

Remember John Brady it the last guy left from Joe Dean's hire. I don't want to get started about Joe Dean and his incompetent hires. It took Mark Emmert ( a Chancellor and not an AD) to hire the right guy by spending the money to get the right guy. Dean wanted to get a bargan coach to save money and then give him forever to build the program.

3:01 PM  

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