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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All up to Perrilloux

Les Miles found a way out of a tough jam with Ryan Perrilloux.

After Perrilloux's latest brush with trouble, Miles seemed to be boxed in. If he kicked Perrilloux off the team, he took away the quarterback who gave his team its best chance of winning at a high level. If he kept him on the team, he would be giving a fourth chance to a player.

Miles chose neither.

Instead, he has put the ball in Perrilloux's court so to speak.

If Perrilloux wants to play, then he'll meet the requirements Miles has put out there and eventually be reinstated. If he doesn't want to play, then he won't meet the requirements and in essence will kick himself off the team.

It's all up to Perrilloux.


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