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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Perriloux should return, Odom shouldn't

BATON ROUGE - LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux is not the smartest kid in the world.

He needs to learn how to avoid potentially bad situations like what happened at the Varsity bar last week. But there is too much evidence out there that he may have been a victim, or at least a partial victim.

Therefore, he should be allowed to return to practice with the team today and join the LSU varsity on its trip to Alabama and dress out and play. Football players start a lot of fights. They also look for fights and will jump at anything someone else does to start a fight. They can go on ego trips, particularly after a lot of big wins, and think that they're a cut above.

Other people start fights, too. Bouncers tend to get in a lot of fights as well.

It's their job to stop fights and remove people from clubs, but they can go on ego trips as well, particularly if they've just watched "Roadhouse." They can also tend to think they're police when it's closing time. It looks like the bouncers at the Varsity may have gone above and beyond with Perrilloux. And there are reports that two bouncers were fired by Varsity management because of this.

We don't know everything that happened at the Varsity. When a fight involves 20 or so people, it can be hard to sort out. Who knows what Perrilloux did to anger the bouncers? He may have been defending himself or he may have been defending his pregnant girlfriend, whom police say the bouncers were handling a little too roughly. Now should a pregnant woman have been at the Varsity? Maybe not. But I've been to the Varsity. It's a nice club. It's about the only place in this one-horse town to see some good music. And think about it, it's not that uncommon to see a pregnant woman out socially.

Perrilloux has some past bad behavior, but remember he has never actually been arrested. He may be mostly innocent in all of this. LSU coach Les Miles should return him to the team and perhaps put a special curfew on him. Miles should also tell him to quit hanging around with teammate Derrick Odom, who has been arrested twice in recent months for violent behavior toward doors and automobiles. Miles should kick Odom off the team now.

Perrilloux may have two strikes on him, but this last one looks more like a foul tip. It's not like he hit a guy at the knees.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems as though Perriloux should be enrolled at Florida State. He has a run in with the law every 2-3 months and still manages to find playing time.

2:53 PM  

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