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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lighten up Francis

"Being a part of what we're doing I absolutely love, and I really love who I'm doing it with. But it is a fight sometimes to keep the perspective. I mean, we're sitting at 101 wins, and people don't seem to be very happy very much of the time. So again, that is a little perplexing, but that's the way it is.''
- Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona earlier in the week in the Boston Globe

I mention that Terry Francona quote for a reason. Driving home tonight, listening to a call-in show, an LSU fan was complaining that he thought Charles Scott should be getting more carries and Ryan Perrilloux should be playing less.

Never mind that this LSU team just spent two weeks at No. 1 in the country and is currently sitting at No. 3.

Never mind that LSU pulled out a dramatic last-play win over Auburn on Saturday night.

Those were just a couple of things bothering that caller.

And much like in Boston where 100-plus wins doesn't seem to make people happy, some LSU fans aren't finding much happiness despite a 7-1 record.

There has been much talk about what would have happened with the clock if Demetrius Byrd had dropped the pass in the end zone. How the game would have ended or not ended.

It doesn't matter. He caught the pass.

Yes, there will always be things that can be done better. That's because the games are played by humans.

And while Manny Ramirez probably could have worded it better, he is right. It's not the end of the world what happens in sports events.Sure, there's disappointment when your team loses, but that's about it.

So without trying to sound pious, it certainly wouldn't hurt for LSU fans, and really all fans, to enjoy the journey a little more.


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