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Sunday, October 14, 2007

BCS mess

Had LSU won on Saturday, the Bowl Championship Series rankings wouldn't have meant much in Louisiana.

Because had LSU won at Kentucky, the Tigers would have been on top of the BCS rankings. And they would have controlled their own destiny by winning each week.

But they didn't win on Saturday. They lost in triple overtime on the road to a ranked team.

So LSU is No. 4 in this week's - the first of the 2007 season -- BCS rankings.

Ohio State is No. 1 with South Florida No. 2, Boston College No. 3 and LSU No. 4.

Already there is angst in Big 12 land because of LSU and/or any one-loss SEC team lurking.

Consider this: the BCS experts are already saying Oklahoma could be jumped by one-loss SEC team, or even a one-loss USC team.

The key for LSU and the rest of the one-loss teams --- staying at one loss.


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