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Monday, August 27, 2007

Lessons learned

BATON ROUGE - Forget about the lesson LSU linebacker Derrick Odom might have learned or is in the process of learning through his recent arrest and sudden apology.

If you happen to be an LSU student who started classes on Monday, learn this. If you're going to get in a fight and you're going to win that fight, make sure it's not with an LSU football player or someone who knows an LSU football player. Because you might see about 15 of them at your door pretty quickly.

This is not your father's LSU football team. These guys are together right or wrong. From about 1989 through 1994 and again from 1998-99, a dozen football players probably could not have found their way to someone's apartment unless coach was driving them in the bus.

Austin Gaffney, who is obviously not completely innocent in his recent little adventure with Odom and other members of the 2007 Tigers, realizes this now.

As to who some of the other players were among the mob that showed up at Gaffney's door not long after closing time in the wee hours of Saturday, July 28, Gaffney's father Steve was there, but he's not saying. Asked directly if one was quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, Gaffney said he never saw Ryan Perrilloux.

Meanwhile back on the practice field and out of apartment complex parking lots, Perrilloux was listed as the No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart released by LSU on Monday.

"I won't be opposed to getting him in the game," LSU coach Miles said.

All this recent talk of LSU football fights has reminded me of a great fight story from the dark days of LSU football when Curley Hallman was the coach from 1991-94. During either the 1991 or 1992 season, LSU had just lost another game and several of the Tiger players were out drowning their sorrows at one of the student bars in Tigerland.

Ole Miss was open that weekend and one of the Rebel players, who happened to be from Louisiana and friendly with some of the LSU players, was partying in Tigerland as well. Well, he got into some trouble and was about to be arrested when an LSU football player ran up and said:

"Officer, officer, he's all right. I'm an LSU football player and I know him," the thoughtful Tiger said.

At this point the officer, perhaps noting that LSU had not had a winning season since 1988 and was on its way to another disaster, slapped the cuffs on the LSU player, too, and said:

"You're going downtown, too, son. I saw you play tonight."


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