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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A bad joke?

So I'm looking at the early entry list for the NBA Draft and I see LSU on the list twice.

This must be a mistake. Glen "Big Baby'' Davis is an early entrant into the draft. But another player? This has to be a mistake.

Nope. It's no mistake.

The second LSU player wasn't ever much of a player last season. That would be point guard Tack Minor.

Yes, Tack Minor is an early entry into the draft.

Look, Davis will be doing good to get picked in the two-round NBA Draft and that's a guy who played a big role in LSU going to the Final Four in 2006.

Minor? Heck, LSU went to the Final Four in part because he was injured.

I have no idea why Tack Minor declared for the draft. I do have an idea of what his draft stock is -- not much.

Just another bad decision in what seems to be a list of bad decisions for Tack Minor.


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