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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Golden Domers Getting Angry

Word out of Chicago is the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are getting a little miffed and will be coming to New Orleans sporting a bit of an attitude.

Heisman contender Brady Quinn says he and the Irish are tired of hearing about how Notre Dame is lacking in what it will take to tear down the Tigers.

The Irish are tired of hearing how slow they've looked in their last three bowl games, they're tired of being reminded that they've lost their last eight bowl games, they are offended that Las Vegas has tagged them as nine point underdogs. They are sporting puffed out lower lips because the Chicago Bears are stealing the December/January limelight.

OK, but all the above is true! Sorry, when you signed the dotted line to commit to the Irish, this is what comes to the program that has its own TV network deal.

Mark me down as picking the Tigers to once again expose the Irish for the not-ready-for-prime-time players they are.

I'm putting my trust in a Michigan guy to help add to the South Bend misery.


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