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Wednesday, December 20, 2006



LSU should beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl, but it will not be a blow-out like many LSU fans and some in the media are thinking.
It will be a close game and LSU could lose to what will likely be an inspired bunch of Irish. LSU has much more talent than Notre Dame, particularly at the skill positions, including quarterback. Unfortunately, LSU coach Les Miles' LSU teams have rarely completely played up to their talent. The Tigers' blow-out of Miami in the Peach Bowl last season was a rare example when LSU lived up to its talent.
Miles lost to a team with far less talent in Tennessee last season, and it lost by 20 to one with equal or less talent against Georgia in the SEC championship game last season. Also in 2005, LSU was lucky to beat less talented Auburn and Florida after constantly turning the ball over.
Miles made Auburn look like it had a great defense this season in a 7-3 loss when Auburn proved as the season went on that it had an average defense. Miles lost to a less or equally talented team at Florida this season as his team was again plagued by turnovers against good competition.
LSU had more speed and talent than Arkansas and Alabama this season and should have won those games by much more. And Miles had to go to overtime at home to beat an Ole Miss team with far less talent than LSU.
LSU's talent is miles ahead of Notre Dame's, but the game will be bumper to bumper.



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