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Friday, May 02, 2008

Was it drugs?

LSU coach Les Miles kicked quarterback Ryan Perrilloux off the team for good Friday because of another failed drug test, according to LSU representatives close to the football program.

LSU's student-athlete drug policy includes a three-strike format.

Without Perrilloux, an extremely talented dual-action quarterback whose play in the SEC championship game put LSU in the national championship game, the Tigers' quarterback situation is not strong. But in the end, it could be better off.

Quarterback Jarrett Lee, who will be a redshirt freshman this fall, will be the starter this fall. He is about where former quarterback Matt Flynn was when Flynn was a redshirt freshman - raw, talented and smart. LSU, which will have a very good offensive line, backs and receivers, can win with Lee. The problem is if Lee goes down. Then all LSU has is Andrew Hatch, a junior who walked on from Harvard last year and took his first few snaps in major college football in a relief role last season at LSU, and incoming freshman Jordan Jefferson.

Lee and Hatch got all the work during spring drills as Perrilloux was suspended for all of the practices. LSU's well-paid coaches have all summer to get them ready. If they can play smart, that could end up being better than Perrilloux playing spectacular but likely running into trouble again during the season - like the night before the Alabama game.

Some of LSU's players have already said they can win without Perrilloux, who would have been a junior this season. Now they can rally around the other two quarterbacks and breathe a sigh of relief. The three-year headache that has been Perrilloux is gone.


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