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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost weekend

Just when you think this LSU baseball team is getting ready to turn the corner, they leave you scratching your head.

The Tigers got a quality win in the middle of the week at Southern Miss on the heels of winning a series against Alabama.

Now, winning two out of three at Ole Miss might have been a bit much. And Friday's game certainly had its heart-breaking moment. But Saturday's 7-1 decision makes you wonder.

Of course, this is baseball. Anything can happen and one game rarely means anything.

Two runs scored in two games means (a) Ole Miss is pitching great and (b) LSU isn't manufacturing any runs.

LSU has made progress this season. But this rebuilding job Paul Mainieri has is moving slower than expected. A 5-9 record in the league would have had folks up in arms in the past. Now it's the slow price of progress.


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