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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twisting the news

I was on a sports talk radio show out of northern Alabama today. They wanted to talk LSU football and basketball. No problem.

The topic got around to Les Miles' new contract.

The spin? LSU paid Miles more than Nick Saban.

OK, once and for all, LSU did nothing more than fulfill Miles' original contract. Had Miles and LSU lost to Ohio State in the title game, Saban would still be the highest-paid coach in the SEC and still sitting at No. 3 nationally in compensation.

But the contract stipulated that Miles go into the top three of coaching salaries if he won the national title. He did. Thus Miles went to No. 3 and Saban went to No.4. It wouldn't have mattered if it had been Urban Meyer or Mack Brown or Pete Carroll. Miles was going to No. 3.

Maybe one day we'll move past all of this LSU-Alabama stuff.

I tend to doubt it, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe when Bama beats ULM they can give Saban a raise.

2:16 PM  

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