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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Much ado about nothing

After waiting for more than three hours for Les Miles to arrive at a football camp carrying his own name at Shreveport's Calvary Baptist Academy, Miles finally arrived.

Some alumni association flak limited media questions to two minutes.

(This isn't the way to endear oneself to the media by the way).

In those two minutes, Miles said -- nothing.

Oh he said words, but nothing really.

No personnel update, he said in response to a Ryan Perrilloux question.

He restated his position on the SEC's strong schedule.

That was about the bulk of what he said.

There won't be a Media Nazi in Birmingham, Ala., next week. He'll be playing in front of a hostile crowd at the SEC Media Days. There he'll have to go into more detail about Perrilloux, about "F'ing Alabama'' and the rest.

So maybe it was a good thing for Miles to keep quiet in Shreveport. He'll have plenty of time to talk next week.


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