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Monday, April 23, 2007

Unrealistic expectations

So Alabama had 92,000-plus for its spring game on Saturday.

Looks like there isn't much to do in Alabama.

Supposedly, the reason for the big turnout was to see Nick Saban and how the Crimson Tide would look with him as the head coach.

Look, Nick Saban did a lot of great things at LSU. He even did some good things at Michigan State (he did have that one big year.) But the man is not God.

I see some unrealistic expectations being built up over in Alabama. The logic goes something like this: Saban won a national championship at LSU. Alabama has a better tradition. Bingo, he'll win a national title at Alabama.

It isn't easy to win a national championship. Ask Tommy Tuberville. A lot of it has to do with luck. Saban had a lot of things go right for him in 2003. Urban Meyer had some things go right for him last year. Tuberville had nothing go right for him in Auburn's unbeaten season.

Look, if Alabama was just hiring Saban to get the team back to winning consistently and playing at a high level, then what a great hire. But if he was hired to win a national championship, well, that won't be so easy. No matter how many people are at the spring game.


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